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The standard for long-haul

The Volvo VNL is built for the needs of today’s — and tomorrow’s — long-haul trucking operations. The VNL delivers long-haul efficiency, along with premium comfort and amenities.




“We are proud to announce the Volvo VNR Electric, designed to support cities focused on sustainable urban development and fleets operating in a range of regional-haul and distribution operations,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “The Volvo VNR Electric leverages the versatility of the new Volvo VNR series with a proven fully-electric powertrain, and represents a strategic stride toward a comprehensive electrified transport ecosystem. Cities prioritizing sustainable urban development can leverage electrified transport solutions to help improve air quality and reduce traffic noise. Cleaner, quieter, fully-electric commercial transport also creates opportunities for expanded morning and late-night operations, helping cut traffic congestion during peak hours.”



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Volvo is the hands down leader in connectivity. For our customers, it means we are simply the best at delivering proactive recommendations, which can prevent costly unplanned service stops. We’ve developed a best-in-class, real-time diagnostic system, available in every truck we build. Unparalleled connectivity and service experts available 24/7. It’s an advantage for updates and repairs that can turn days into hours, and hours into minutes.

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