Truck Ban on Provencher ?? Whats your opinion


Reducing the number of heavy trucks that use Provencher Boulevard is one of the motions that was introduced at the last city council meeting of the summer on Wednesday.

St. Boniface Councillor Dan Vandal introduced the motion as a way of reducing truck traffic on the busy area thoroughfare.

“A quieter, service-oriented area focussing on restaurants, cafes and patios is the community’s vision for Provencher Boulevard,” Vandal said. “Reducing truck traffic will facilitate the transition of Provencher Boulevard into a safe, pedestrian-friendly commercial district.”

Proposed changes include changing the designation of Provencher Boulevard from a full-time truck route to a non-truck route, with the exception for trucks servicing local industries and businesses.

The Manitoba Trucking Association see’s it differently however saying that local  companies will have to absorb a hit of $600,000 annually because of this proposed change. “While such a burden is obviously egregious, we question the need to even put forth such an argument,”  Says Terry Shaw of the MTA . “The simple fact is we are talking about a public roadway in Winnipeg. How is it acceptable that any safe and legal vehicle is being considered for discrimination based on the desires of a handful of residents?”

Whats your opinion? for personal reasons i would love to see St.Boniface as a place to stroll around and have dinner , but im not sure what the actual impact on trucks would be? If you have an opinion i would love to hear it?

this article came from a great local news website , check it out sometime.