Winter is coming fast……..

We’ve been busy here stocking up on Winter supplies to keep all our loyal customers on the road. Now with  temperatures dipping below zero we need to start thinking of a game plan on Fuel conditioners as they are so many to choose from. We stock most major brands of fuel conditioners and most drivers that come to see us have a good idea of what works for them and their truck and who are we to judge. On our side of the issue we see what some of these products do to internal parts of your engine and here comes the sales pitch…. In our opinion the best Fuel Conditioner you can put into your fuel tank is Summit Total Diesel Treatment. It protects in all problems areas brought on my our climate which include the following:

-Water dispersing , hydrogen polar bonding , Anti-oxidant , Corrosion inhibitor , Injector cleaner , Cetane Improver, Improves Engine Performance , Increases Fuel Economy , De-icer , Cold flow improver , Wax modifier , Fuel stabilizer , Surface tension reducer , liquifies gelled fuel faster than the other brand in the red jug , ALCOHOL FREE!!! and it aslo breaks down sludge.

Now all those benefits and this products work very well at keeping your EGR cooler clean in 07+ EPA engines. We have Summit on sale for only $15.99 if bought in case lots ( treatment cost of $.06 per gallon) and that bottle will treat 250 Gallons of fuel but its recommened to use one bottle per 125 gallons in extreme temperatures and hey guess what ? …. thats us ! So please stop in and lets chat about fuel , let us know what works for you.

Thanks for reading and Keep On Truckin’….