Winter is here

SUMMIT3JUGSI’ve been working in this business for about 15 years and dont get me wrong i absolutely love it but sometimes winter is a long push to get through. I know when it starts getting cold everyone has the added cost of Fuel conditioners and such to add to your bottom line just to keep you mobile. We have been trying out best to push Summit Total Diesel Treatment for 3-4 years now and we still stand behind after seeign the longterm results.We’ve pulled off EGR Valves and Coolers in our shop while using this product and they come out very clean , not the usual coking you see on EGR parts that cause failures due to build up. The Summit product excels in the following areas which should cover pretty much all of your worries. This product is an excellent water dispersant and contains no Naptha to mask the water as it travels through your engine which is th main cause of coking. I’ve seen multiple test with water finding paste that show that Summit actually changes the chemistry of the water and turns it to fuel and burns it ! , Summit is also a corrosion inhibitor , Injector Cleaner , Cetane improver , de-icer , wax modifier and cold flow improver. The one issue that we’ve seen i nthe past with customers is they leave the bottle of Summit in their Jockey box and it freezes solid which proves to be quite the obstacle when in a pinch and trying to add it to your tank. Due to Summit no containing an harmful chemicals or alcohol it will freeze solid when not mixed with fuel , when added to fuel Summit undergoes and transformation to stabilize your fuel and will not freeze once mixed. irf you havent tried this product please come in and ask about , this month’s Special is Summit @$16.99 per bottle or $15.99 in a case lot , all case lots get a free bottle of air brake anitfreeze during the month of December. At first glance it seems a bit pricey but it’s a higher concentration that most other conditioners and one 32oz bottle will treat 250 Gallons !!!!