Volvo’s 2014 truck Engines

Volvo Trucks says that all model-year 2014 Volvo engines will offer fuel efficiency improvements as a result of optimized and enhanced engine componentry. The 2014 Volvo D11, D13 or D16 engines will see an increase in fuel efficiency ranging from .5 to 2%, the company says.

This enhanced fuel efficiency comes from optimized or new engine components such as low-friction cylinder improvements, including a redesigned piston and liner developed with smoother surfaces. As well, a clutched air compressor, which completely disengages the clutch from the engine, has been introduced for 2014. The “advanced combustion technology” of a new seven-hole injector offers better fuel atomization for a more even distribution of fuel within the cylinder, maximizing fuel efficiency and offering a greater savings for customers, Volvo adds. And a new crankcase ventilation system filters more oil from blowby gases before they leave the engine and at the same time improves engine backpressure for better performance.

Other design changes have been made to improve serviceability, such as the two-piece valve cover which reduces repair time and is easier to handle than previous covers. Volvo removed lead from the valvetrain of its 2014 engines to reduce its environmental impact. read More about Volvo’s Engine lineup and what they are doign to help the environment one truck at a time or