Dash Camera’s – Do you use one ?

We have some really neat Vehicle Dash Camera’s that we’ve all been testing out here at the dealership. So far the reveiews are great but alot of customers who come in are skeptical and think they may be more of a pain than anything. My opinion however is that  it’s a new must have for all my families vehicles. They are easy to use with some great options like auto start , auto shut off and nightvision with the help of 6 infared LED’s mounted on the front of the camera. The camera only records video in 3 min increments which is one downfall but it automatically starts again so you never miss anything. In the case of an accident you would have to remember to shut the camera off as soon as you can because i wouldnt want to take the risk of recording over your incident. We will be ordering more of these Cameras as soon as possible as the first 10 that were ordered were sold in the first 2 hours. If you use one of these and it’s saved you from a ticket or anything else please let me know , we are selling the cameras for $79.99 complete with an SD card and rechargeable battery.