City of Winnipeg finds Provencher Blvd. should remain truck route

The City of Winnipeg has released a report, concluding that Provencher Blvd. should remain a truck route.

Delisting it as a truck route, as some had advocated for, would not only be inconsistent with the guiding principles of the Transportation Master Plan, but would also produce negative safety results, the report concluded.

The Manitoba Trucking Association welcomed the findings.

“While we don’t agree with their approach, we understand the intentions of certain citizens in the St. Boniface area who are attempting to improve their neighbourhood,” said Terry Shaw, general manager of the MTA. “That said, we believe that their wants are far outweighed by the needs of the rest of the citizens of Winnipeg. This report, authored by a City of Winnipeg Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, confirms that position. Provencher Boulevard is a full-time truck route and needs to stay that way.”