XP3 Diesel Fuel Conditioner

We’ve stocked alot of different fuel conditioners over the years and they all have served their purpose and like anything else all of our customers opinions differ on what works. I cant say i’ve personally tried Xp3 but i’ve heard some good stories at the parts counter of guys and gals who swear by it. Our Xp3 rep has done some fleet testing with some local companies one of them being Centennial gravel a local hauler that praises Xp3 for saving $300 per day on his fuel costs after the cost of the product. Here is a short video from some Xp3 customers http://youtu.be/2P7giDUwChY . We stock Xp3 in our parts showroom @ 33 Oak Point Highway in Winnipeg , one 16oz bottle will treat 1900L of fuel for only $59.99 thats a treatment cost of $.03 / litre

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