Canadian Hino Technician on the year …….. for the 5th time ! Congrats to Chris Ingram

HINOTROPHY2012_2 The record shows that we have the winningest hino Technician in Canada period…..  now i’m not saying this to brag. The Technician in question’s name is Chris Ingram and i had the pleasure of accompanying him to first competition way back in 2007 which he won! and by lost i mean dead last and i did give it a good shot but thats a tough crew to run with. He also is one of our longest employed technicians and once you meet him it’s obviously why he excels at this stuff. He’s a calm organized and pateient father of two and this award couldnt go to a better guy. So from all of us at Beaver Trucks we wish you the best of luck in Japan in the next round of the competition.