Spec’ing the right Battery


Hey! We’re back…. we abandoned our blog posts for awhile and now are getting right back into it……

Spec’ing the right battery isn’t the easiest thing as companies try to confuse you into buying their product through good marketing. First off you must know the type of battery your looking for or what job you would like it to do. I believe the correct term for these loads are “HEP” or Hotel Electric power a reference used on large ships , trains , plains , trucks etc. These loads are such things as lighting , climate control , communications , refrigeration or any other draws you have coming off your batteries.

If you haven’t spec’d a battery is the last few years you may be surprised how much the truck’s electrical needs have changed. There are more sources of current draw onboard now , and you might need an upgraded starting and charging system especially in our climate.

Telematics systems have been around for awhile but are now becoming more common even with small carriers. They typically draw current all the time as this equipment is always on the move.

Batteries are now for specific applications such as starting , lighting , ignition or for long term Hotel loads and smaller but parasitic draws.

“SLI” batteries or ” Starting , lighting , ignition” which their main purpose is obvious these are not designed for deep discharge and a full discharge can reduce it’s lifespan.

Starting batteries DO NOT respond well to deep cycle discharging from hotel loads. Deep cycle batteries will not work or hold up as Starting batteries in trucks because the                    lead                                                                                         lead battery aren’t designed for high current loads. AGM and High cycler batteries have found a place in the class8 market because they can support those loads. AGM and                                                                                          and High cycler batteries still can supply the cold cranking amps to get the truck started after long periods of slow discharge.

Selecting the correct battery to do the job requires more than just grabbing the lowest price battery you can find. In doing this you can actually be counter productive and

spend  money than you originally wanted or intended to. You need to understand the application and usage so we can get you the right product that will work best for you!