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Tips for New Truckers


If you are new to the trucking industry or if you have ever thought about it, there are some things you should know about it that you may not have learned about in class. You will eventually learn all of these tips and more through experience, but having a better idea of what you will be dealing with during your first trip may save you time, money, and stress!

Before you head out on your first trip, keep these tips in mind.

Don’t stress over your first test

If you haven’t done a test yet with a trucking company, you might be fretting over it. If they have hired you straight out of school, they will know you aren’t going to be perfect on your first test; nobody is! You will probably grind a few gears and take a couple of tries during the backing portion of the test. If you have made a mistake during your test, take a deep breath, recentre yourself, and try again! You will get it eventually, just be confident in yourself.

Keep your health in mind

Driving a truck doesn’t require you to be in top physical shape, but keeping in shape is important to live a happy and healthy life. When you drive a truck for 11 or so hours a day, you may not be motivated to do a workout and just feel like relaxing or sleeping. Try to exercise at least three times a week but aim for more! Obviously, with ever-changing schedules and long days, you may not be able to exercise some days, but as long as you try to remain healthy it will go along way in keeping you happy and motivated.

Another major health concern you will find yourself with is the food you eat while on the road. Truckers are notorious for eating every meal at a diner or restaurant. Not only is this bad for your health if you don’t choose a chicken breast rather than a burger and fries, it also hurts your wallet. Before hitting the road for the first time, go to the grocery store and buy some healthy alternatives to restaurant food. You should also consider getting a cooler or mini fridge for your rig to keep everything fresh.

Another tip about your health is getting healthy road munchies instead of chips or other salty snacks. Aim to get fruits, almonds, yogurt or anything with a high protein and low carb count.

Be courteous to other truckers

When you are parked in a truck stop parking lot, keep the noise down because you never know who is trying to get some sleep before they head out again. Much like in real life, treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Even though you may not work with these other truckers, you are still on the same team and should treat everybody with respect.

That’s all for now! Trucking is a fun and exciting job if you let it be. Remember to take care of yourself and the other truckers you see in your travels!