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Combat Driver Fatigue with these Road Travel Trips

Summer is the perfect time for long drives. It is exhilarating this time with the scenic views around you but driving for hours at a stretch can be extremely exhausting too. Driver fatigue is the most common reason behind road accidents. Fatigue can also lead to slower reflexes on the road. If you’re a truck […]

Need Oil Changes for Your Truck? Should You Use Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

When you are operating a large fleet of trucks, or even using just one truck for commercial purposes, you are going to be putting in a lot of miles. The more miles you put in, the more that you are going to be spending on oil changes, an integral part of keeping any truck or […]

Common Trucker Hazards and How to avoid them

People who work in the trucking industry are continuously at risk of non-fatal and fatal injuries. The most common injuries endured by truck drivers include bruises, fractures, strains and sprains, cuts and lacerations, traumatic injuries, and soreness. The leading causes of these physical and mental issues among truck drivers are comprised of overexertion, rough contact […]

Trucker tip: How to stay awake while doing long-term driving

Driving the king of the road and overseeing other cars from way up there is quite exciting. However, when you’ve been cruising for a while, the authority on the road, landscapes, music and going on long adventures gets monotonous. The white noise of the wheels and lack of excitement can be a hazardous combination that […]

Requirements to Become a Truck Driver In Each Province

Driving a truck can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding career. You get to see some of the most amazing parts of Canada and meet a variety of people. If you are considering becoming a truck driver or owner-operator, then you need to get a licence of a specific classification (this classification changes province to […]

Tips for New Truckers

If you are new to the trucking industry or if you have ever thought about it, there are some things you should know about it that you may not have learned about in class. You will eventually learn all of these tips and more through experience, but having a better idea of what you will […]

How to be a Top Trucker

Being a truck driver can be a tough job, but it can also be very rewarding if you are prepared to give it your all to impress your company. When your company loves the work that you do, they will fight tooth and nail for you to keep you on their team. This includes standing […]

Why you need to check your rental car carefully for damage

Whether you are renting a car, RV, van, or truck, you need to fully inspect the vehicle for damages before driving it off the lot. Most of the time, the dealership or car rental company has a detailed list of all scrapes and dents each vehicle has. However, a few smaller dents or scratches could […]

Renting a Truck? Remember These Winter Driving Tips

If you are renting one of our trucks, we are aware you may be coming in from out of town. If you didn’t know, winters in Manitoba can be fierce and unruly! At the time we are writing this, it’s currently -22C in Winnipeg with a risk of snow in a few days. If you […]

ELD Update – Rental Trucks

There has just been another update to the new ELD rules coming out.  Drivers using a rental truck for a period of 8 days or less will not be subjected to the new ELD rules.  The article found in the link below gives an explanation of the new exemption for rental vehicles.